According to the Regulations of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Honorary Consulates are subordinated to the nearest Embassy and Career Consulates. Correspondingly, the Consulate in Hamburg follows the recommendations of the Mexican Embassy in Berlin and the Consulate in Frankfurt. It further supports these offices in diverse activities to increase the quality of the services and the geographic coverage.

In line with international practice, Honorary Consuls are renowned persons in their communities. Although they are independent, the support that they provide to the Mexican Government is invaluable, especially in large countries where it is difficult to have a sustained presence and wide coverage.

The main duties of the Honorary Consuls are the following:

  • To protect the rights and interest of Mexican Citizens living in their constituencies according to the corresponding laws and institutions.
  • To promote a good perception of the country and its culture and to strengthen the economic ties via foreign direct investment, trade and tourism.

The honorary consuls also contribute to the country when they:

  • Clarify issues that may deteriorate the good image and prestige of Mexico and Mexicans abroad;
  • Promote academic and cultural exchange activities between organizations within their regions and Mexico. For example, by seeking local sponsors.
  • Represent Mexico at events of different nature such as diplomatic, governmental or private.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to Mexican entrepreneurs that visit their area or request information.
  • Reach the local population and institutions together with the Mexican community itself to disseminate information about Mexico, its current situation, its institutions and its foreign policy.
  • Stay in contact with Mexican students living in their area to understand their needs and provide the required support.
  • Collaborate with the Mexican Embassy in coordinating the official visits of diplomats and government servants that may visit their regions.
  • Inform foreign citizens about Mexican provisions that may cause concern among them.

Source: The original text may be  found at the webpage of the Mexican Foreign Ministry.